Since 1974, we have led the effort to keep jazz and latin jazz at the forefront of American culture - where it belongs! 


Our Mission

Through the initiatives of our non-profit., our mission is to protect and preserve the rich cultures of Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and American music.  Through the initiatives of, our mission is to use radio, television, education and live concerts to showcase various musical cultures. We hire musicians, expose audiences to their music, and document these concert and festival events on video.  Finally, we aim to create the Latin Jazz Oral History Project at University of the Arts of Cuba - in Havana, Cuba -  to benefit future generations of  world scholars, teachers, broadcasters and audiences.

“Jazz Meets Latin Jazz is the best new program on the radio today.”
— Rafael Monteagudo, Percussionist

What We've Achieved

  • MPC International Music Agency
  • Artist Management
  • Concert & Festival Production
  • Media Campaigns for major artists
  • Founder/Producer Caramoor Jazz Festival
  • Peabody Award Winner
  • Producer of award winning documentaries on Miles Davis, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and many others.